The K.I.S.S.S.-system

K.I.S.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Silent and Smart


Why over-complicate things if a simple solution is available.

For the K.I.S.S.S.-system you just need beside the usual hardware a case, a Coolset and if necessary a power supply from our product line.
Our cases are timeless straightforward in design, simply structured and rugged.
Specific Coolsets for different mainboards allow easy installation without difficult adjustments or bending heat pipes by hand.
Everybody coming with a little craftsmanship and experience in assembling a PC should be able to install a K.I.S.S.S.-system.

Noisy fans for cooling are not an option for you ?

Our system works without any fans by transferring the heat via heat pipes to the side-gated heat sinks.
If the something still makes noise it’s the hard or optical disk drive but for sure not our product.

Whether the K.I.S.S.S.-system is smart or not you have to decide on your own.

To cool down smaller computers without fans is not a challenge. But mostly ventilation holes are required to ensure proper cooling. Ventilation holes always mean dust in the system and lower electromagnetic compatibility. Our system conducts the lost heat via heat pipes directly to the case – no need for ventilation holes.
Thanks to the above described fanless operation, its rugged construction, an appealing design and a volume of roughly five liters our system almost finds its place everywhere, is (inaudible) silent and can be even used without problems in dusty/dirty environments.
As we produce all coolsets in Germany we are able to react on changing market situations fast and serve specific customer demand very flexible. You need a coolset for a certain mainboard an cannot find it in our product line yet ? Please contact us and in general we are able to deliver a fully functional, accurately fitting  prototype within roughly three weeks.