High-precision computer-aided manufacturing on state-of-the-art machines allows us to create and manufacture products in quantity, quality and time as required. With a well-balanced mixture of in-house and external production Impactics strives to minimize lead time and time to market without additional cost. From single prototypes via small- or medium-scale series through to mass production, clients can rely on efficient production and stable quality.

Before reading on please be aware of the fact that Impactics imports also (complete) products from China and Taiwan. To keep maximum transparency, clients can find the origin of each product in the detailed product description. If origin is not “Germany”, this product is of course not produced by Impactics nor its German partners nor does it have to meet our quality statement 1:1.   

Beside Impactics’ in-house production mainly based on CNC machining we are proud of our partner network. All of these partners are owner-managed small to medium size companies sharing Impactics’ ambition to perfectionism not forgetting the expenses and function. Personal contact to our partners is the key to success, due to this all partner companies are based in northern Germany average 10 km and maximum 300 km away from Impactics. So even if Impactics has to source out production steps or parts clients can expect one and the same quality standard and we take full responsibility if client’s expectations are not met. The client profits from the full catalogue of goods and services related to metal working, including the following exemplary (!) listed services:

  1. CNC machining / milling / routing for metal and plastics
  2. Metalworking: CNC laser cutting, CNC stamping, CNC canting/bending, CNC welding, CNC 3D laser cutting
  3. Surface treatment: anodizing, passivating, burnishing, nickel plating, powder coating, paintwork, sand blasting, satining

These abilities combined with in-house construction allow us to deliver solutions that fit client’s specifications.