Impactics aims at delivering solutions without compromise. Put simply, there is no cutting corners when it comes to our clients. Our unparalleled service extends beyond technical excellence.

Impactics is multifaceted experienced in information technology. In combination with our competences in design and production, allow a straightforward and solution-oriented communication. While some companies might still spend time about feasibility-analysis Impactics has already developed or even delivered a solution. We accompany the client from the first specifications via vague layouts, 3d-models, detailed construction files and sample through to the final product.

While our core competence is conception, construction and production Impactics has a large network of partners offering additional services. This means a solution can be just a small additional or modified part, a complete new product / cooling solution, a complete assembled computer up to a ready-to-use system including service contract. In case size of a project exceeds our possibilities (what is in general the case if assembled computers are needed) Impactics links you to a partner (e.g. System integrator) and this partner takes over this project. From this point on our partner becomes the Client’s partner and point of contact – so the client has the possibility to deal only with one point of contact while he does not have to invest time in details.

Special parts for projects are in general made in Germany. Clients can rely on stable quality and supplies.


Learn why production in Germany can be a key to success.