Made in Germany


Production in Germany is not only a statement in quality but further more in flexibility, sustainability, continuity and environmental protection.

Before reading on please be aware of the fact that Impactics imports also (complete) products from China and Taiwan. To keep maximum transparency, clients can find the origin of each product in the detailed product description. If origin is not “Germany”, this product is of course not produced by Impactics nor its German partners.

Products declared by Impactics as made in Germany (Origin: Germany), do not only comply with the statutory requirements but excel them. Made in Germany means for us:

  1. At least (!!) 66% of the product’s value is made in Germany. For cases made in Germany this ratio is >=90%
  2. All precision parts / all critical parts are made in Germany
  3. All parts made of copper (except heat pipes) are made in Germany
  4. Raw material used for those parts / products is in general refined in Europe and/or Germany. Most of the aluminum used comes from European mills.

This means clients get the products as advertised and made of the material as specified – if Impactics‘ specifies a product as made of electrolytic copper the client will get a product made of electrolytic copper and not of a cheap copper alloy that looks and feels like copper but has a lower thermal conductivity. Talking about heat dissipation purity of material is as impotant as production process: milled pure (electrolytic) copper dissipates heat roughly two times faster than extruded copper alloy.

High order of mechanization, automation and highly skilled technicians allow to produce also smaller lot sizes without high start-up costs, extensive personal training or lead time. Impactics‘ clients can expect that a product, even if produced in a small series, meet their quality requirements. Once a production process is set up client’s can count on continuous product quality, condition and state – a product meeting clients‘ or our expectations is not a question of accident but skill and experience.

Production in Germany is a substantial contribution to environmental protection. Chemicals needed for anodising or acid cleaning are not just dumped unfiltered into the sewage or even worse in the surrounding area. Energy needed for production is more and more generated from renewable sources. Environment-friendly joins efficient production if it comes to raw material – while reject rates in metalworking in some Asian countries often exceed 10% our reject rate overall is <0.5%.

Last but not least German workers are protected by laws, worker’s compensation boards and finally the employers themselve. Production in Germany is also an act of humanity.

If you compare cost please compare the total cost of ownership.