Our passion: Designing and creating new products according to customer specification, based on sketches or if necessary out of the blue.

Our procedure: Using our design skills through the draft of alternative ideas that explore different approaches to the problem. So we are able to respond creatively and adventurously to one or more design briefs or needs. By way of example, this can be just a new Coolset or customized cooling solution as well as a complete new case with characteristics like TDP (e.g. 100 watt), ingress protection rating (e.g. IP65) or dimension (e.g. width <= 300mm).

Besides our standard product portfolio Impactics designs and produces also products on customer request and provides tailor-made solutions. Combined with our production knowledge we always try to achieve the best price/performance ratio for the customer – as perfect as the product has to be and as inexpensive as it can be. Based on examples and case studies we offer to customers a good impression and also price indication for the project before any costs arise. Developing products that work as intended and that fullfill CE requirements is not a question of specification but mandatory. Each product we design has to meet our own quality standard – no matter if it is sold under Impactics or client’s brand name.

Most of Impactics’ standard products have its origin in client’s ideas and wishes. So even if you cannot afford a complete own design, please consult us. If we consider a client’s idea workable for our own product range, in general we carry part of or the total development costs. This creates a win-win-situation for both sides: while the customer doesn’t have to take the risk of development costs, prototyping and minimum order quantity, Impactics has a new standard product to offer.

Designing new (smaller) products or modifiying existing parts is often more inexpensive than expected – please contact us.


In general Impactics differentiates between five levels of designs:

  1. Impactics own design / standard product
  2. Customer design adapted by Impactics for a standard product (less or no design costs for the client, lower or no minimum order quantity for the client)
  3. Customer design which can also be sold by Impactics on request / no standard product (less design costs for the client, lower minimum order quantity)
  4. Customer design which belongs solely to the customer and is NOT produced (excect sample on request) by Impactics (100% designs costs, no production by Impactics)
  5. Customer design which belongs solely to the customer and is produced by Impactics (design costs and minimum order quantity will be negotiated on complexness of the product)

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